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    What would be the electric flux due to two charges one at the origin of the Gaussian sphere and another at a distance of 4b from origin. Let the radius of the Gaussian sphere be 3b and the charge be Q.

In this scientific quiz, we’ll be looking at the science of psychology – which is defined as the study of behaviour and mind, embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience, as well as thought. What can...

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    The medical model suggests that mental illnesses are caused by __________.

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    A scaler has:

Rotational speed is calculated by the number of times that an object rotates over the time it rotates. How much do you understand chapter 8 where we got to understand how to calculate this type of speed. Do you believe you...

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    Define rotational inertia.

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    A baseball player runs 27.4 meters from the batter’s box to first base, overruns first base by 3.0 meters, and then returns to first base. Compared to the total distance traveled by the player, the magnitude of the player’s total displacement from the batter’s box is

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How can you calculate the magnitude of the baseball players' displacement from the batter's box? A baseball player runs 27.4 meters from the batter’s box to first base, overruns first base by 3.0...
The answer to this is number 2. This means that the displacement is 6.0 m shorter. To answer this properly, you need to know the difference between distance and displacement. Distance is known to be the length that has been traveled no matter what th
What is the Tangential Speed?
Linearspeedis the distance traveled per unit of time, whiletangential speed(ortangentialvelocity) is the linearspeedof something moving along a circular path. A point on the outside edge of a merry-go-round or turntable travels a greater distance in
What is the reason If the total momentum of a system is changing?
A net external force must be acting on the system
What is the correct statement based on this situation you apply 27N of force on a wrench? 
As you decrease the radius where you apply the force, you will decrease the torque of the wrench.