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  • A developer needs to create a service that will process an email sent to it and create an account and contact using the contents of the email as data for the records. How might a developer accomplish this requirement?
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  • How can Apex be used with Visual Workflow?
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  • An integration user makes a successful login() call via the SOAP API. What can be used in the SOAP header to provide server authorization for subsequent API requests?
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  • How often does the Air Force public health require self-inspections of dining facilities?

  • How many months must you file and keep self-inspection records?

  • Who is solely responsible for drawing and returning unused subsistence after each meal period?

  • Sir. Meows a lot or Galaxy, or Frank, or Pablo, or Chip
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  • Choose a line from the pals theme songs 
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  • What is your favorite color 
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  • Which year did DHL Express begun its services in Bahrain 

  • First time importer with DHL BAH needs to submit what documents for his shipments to be cleared?

  • What does CDF stand for?