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Interview Questions & Answers

When should you arrive at your interview?
I think we should arrive earlier than the exact time. Maybe around 10 to 15 minutes earlier.
Does the most qualified candidate almost always get the job?
My answer is false as i believe that only the one who fulfiill the requirement of the job manage to get it.The ability to answer all of the questions also will be avaluated .Not to forgot,the behavioural and the style of the candidate also affect on
The best way to dress for success is to.
C. Bring a sport coat if needed. At least in Austin, the attire even in business is a little more casual than some business markets.
How do you attach files using Microsoft Outlook?
Click on the paper clip icon and then "Open."Many e-mail services put a maximum size on file extensions, but using the paper clip icon to attach files is key.