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Which is the longest recorded flight of a chicken?
The current world record for the longest flight by a chicken is thirteen seconds. Yup - 13 seconds. They don’t do sustained flight very well. The domestic chicken, in particular, isn’t very good at sustained flight. These birds are usuall
What is the difference between a Rooster and a Chicken?
Some may assume that a rooster and a chicken will refer to the same animal, but these two are different. They may be similar to each other, but they have differences in terms of gender. The chicken refers to both male and female chicken. The female
Will Eleven ever be able to live like a normal girl?
Eleven is also known as Jane, and she was being experimented on. It is evident that coming from this; it will be hard to live a healthy life again, especially when you know that you used to have powers. Right now, Eleven is trying to live a healthier
How many types of chicken are consumed?
Poultry is another name for chicken. However, it is more than just chicken. It seems that there are hundreds of different types of chickens because there are so many ways to prepare chicken. These include barbecue, frying, grilling and baking it. The