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There’s nothing to cluck at here! This trivia quiz is all about one of America’s favorite food sources; the chicken! Whether you’re a poultry expert, or the last chicken you’ve seen in person was animated in Chicken Little, you’re sure to enjoy your time spent pecking your way through our chicken trivia quiz. Not everything about chickens is served up for you in a shrink-wrapped container, and this trivia quiz proves it! Come see what all the fuss is about, and enjoy a challenging trivia quiz designed to challenge your existing knowledge, and help you learn a little bit more about chickens, all while having fun! As always, be sure to share with your friends and come back for more!

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  • How many feathers does the average chicken have?
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  • What is the price range for a half dozen of French Copper Black Maran eggs?
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  • What does Alektorophobia mean?
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  • Mr. Hu tells you to add the "aromatic _____________" into the wok.

  • Remember to _____________ your sauce with the vegetables.

  • Which of the following is not part of a chicken?
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  • What is the name of the part of a chicken that gets put into stock?
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  • How many pieces did we break down the chicken into in class?
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  • What is the average lifespan of a battery hen?

  • How many eggs will a healthy hen lay in a week?

  • In Gainesville, Georgia - the fried chicken capital of the world - it is illegal to eat chicken with a fork! True or false?