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  • Are Hungry-Man meals good for you?
    Are Hungry-Man meals good for you?
    Hungry man suppers are in all probability not beneficial to your health. Some of them incorporate a good vegetable. Be that as it may, the amount of the vegetable on the plate is actually quite small and the meat portion and other starches are quite large. The greater part of the suppers are cooked and then frozen but they most likely contain a lot of additives in them. Many of these products contain a great deal of sodium. In this way, this would likewise make it less healthy than other choices. It appears like there would be not very many vitamins and minerals in them. A few of them contain a sauce that would likewise be high in fat and cholesterol. A large number of the dinners have a starch in them. Along these lines, the meat, dessert and starch make up more than 3/4s of the dinner.

  • It's Super Bowl weekend and you're stocking up on goodies. You fill your grocery cart with giant bags of corn chips, potato chips, tortilla chips and every other kind of edible chip left on the...
    It's Super Bowl weekend and you're stocking up on goodies. You fill your grocery cart with giant bags of corn chips, potato chips, tortilla chips and every other kind of edible chip left on the...
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