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  • What is the difference between Icing Sugar and Powdered Sugar?
    What is the difference between Icing Sugar and Powdered Sugar?
    Both icing and powdered sugars are used on baking. Essentially there are no differences between them. These two words are interchangeable with one another and have the same meaning. Other names the two have are icing cake, 10x sugar, and confectioners sugar. They both can vary in fineness, which depends on how the person chooses to make it. Icing and Powdered sugars can be made at home by the everyday cook, as well as by professional bakers and chefs. A chef also sees no difference between them and will use the words interchangeably. These sugars date back to 1769 when Elizabeth Raffald was the first to use it.

  • What is the difference between White Sugar and Brown Sugar?
    What is the difference between White Sugar and Brown Sugar?
    White Sugar and Brown Sugar are two different types of sugar. Sugar generally, is gotten from sugar cane after so many processes. The difference between white and brown sugar comes from the various ways of preparing the two. White sugar is the ideal and refined sugar gotten from sugar cane, while brown sugar is gotten from white sugar, but the difference in color is due to the addition of syrup. And the degree of coloration depends on the amount of syrup that is added. Brown sugar simply means sugar, which has only been partially refined and still contains molasses. The molasses in brown sugar is what brings about the soft texture that it has. The most commonly used type of sugar is white sugar, it is present in every home, while brown sugar is not as common as white sugar. The level of moist in brown sugar is higher than the one in white sugar, and that is why it must not be left open

  • Who were the first ones in recorded history to cultivate Sugar?
    Who were the first ones in recorded history to cultivate Sugar?
    The people of new guinea were probably the first to domesticate sugarcane, sometime around 8,000 bc after domestication, its cultivation spread rapidly to southern china, indochina and india, with muslim traders and conquerors later exporting the cane plant and refining techniques to the middle east and europe. by the sixth century ad, sugar cultivation and processing had reached persia, whence they were carried into the mediterranean by the arab expansion.[4] spanish and portuguese exploration and conquest in the fifteenth century carried sugar south-west of iberia. henry the navigator introduced cane to sicily from madeira in 1425, while the spanish, having eventually subdued the canary islands, introduced sugar cane to them.[4] in 1493, on his second voyage, christopher columbus carried cane seedlings to the new world, in particular hispaniola.[4] through the medieval period, sugar was considered a fine spice,[5] but from about 1500 onwards technological improvements and new world fuel-sources began turning it into a bulk commodity. - the crusaders established one of their important fortified farms in the area, calling it manueth. the lands of the farm were leased in 1169 and the houses were built on the higher foothills - upper manot. in the nearby valley of kziv the farmers grew sugar canes. the canes require plenty of water which the creek provided. they also built a large sugar processing factory on the lower side of the farm, close to the modern road. the sugar production was one of the crusaders industries, and other sites in the holy land had similar factories, such as gilgal in the sharon. - sugar was only discovered by western europeans as a result of the crusades in the 11th century ad. crusaders returning home talked of this new spice and how pleasant it was. the first sugar was recorded in england in 1099. the subsequent centuries saw a major expansion of western european trade with the east, including the importation of sugar. columbus sailed to the americas, the new world. it is recorded that in 1493 he took sugar cane plants to grow in the caribbean. the climate there was so advantageous for the growth of the cane that an industry was quickly established. by 1750 there were 120 sugar refineries operating in britain. their combined output was only 30,000 tons per annum. at this stage sugar was still a luxury and vast profits were made to the extent that sugar was called white gold. - man the year 1500 madeira island was the largest sugar exporter in the world but by the end of the century the sugarcane production fell due to over-production and a cane disease that decimated the fields. as a young man christopher columbus was trained in the madeira sugar trade. he brought this experience to the new world on his second voyage of 1493 when he introduced sugar cane plantings to the caribbean. but it wasnt until the early sixteenth century that the sugar industry began to thrive first in santo domingo, then cuba, and soon after in puerto rico.

  • What is the difference between Almond Paste and Marzipan?
    What is the difference between Almond Paste and Marzipan?
    The main difference between almond paste to marzipan is the number of almonds that these two have. The almond paste will have the same amount of almonds to sugar. It may also come with some other ingredients that can make this more flavorful, but the almonds to sugar ratio are the same. With the marzipan, there will be a higher amount of sugar that is available. Some will even come with 75% more sugar as compared to the almond that the marzipan may have. Once again, other ingredients may be added to the marzipan to make it even more flavorful. You cannot interchange one for the other.

  • A B Which cereal contains more sugar? 
    A B Which cereal contains more sugar? 

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