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Diabetes Mellitus Questions & Answers

What are the clinical features of diabetic retinopathy?
Advanced diabetic eye disease can cause retrohyaloid or intra gel haemorrhages and can cause retinal detachment
Which statement by the nurse about type 2 diabetes is correct? A patient with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus asks the nurse what “type 2” means in relation to diabetes.
The correct answer to this question is D. Type II diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. If a patient has Type II, their body does not use insulin correctly, also known as insulin resistance. In this case, changing the patient's diet and incr
Which patient action indicates a good understanding of the nurse’s teaching about the use of an insulin pump?
1. The patient programs the pump to deliver an insulin bolus after eating. ANS: B In addition to the basal rate of insulin infusion, the patient will adjust the pump to administer a bolus after each meal, with the dosage depending on the oral intak
Why are diabetic patients asked to get their feet checked every day?
To check for any cuts, sores, or dry cracked skin so they can be treated early to prevent infection or gangrene.