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Did  you know which country is the birthplace of rice? Or what was the year rice arrived in South Carolina from Madagascar? For more such facts and trivia, take our online rice quizzes with well-researched questions and enhance your knowledge of this grain.
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Have fun attempting the questions to see if you know about rice! :)

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    Which type of rice, White or Brown Rice is more healthy?

How well do you really know about Anne Rice? Take this quiz and find out now!

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    In Anne Rice's "Memnoch the Devil", why isn't Dora afraid of Lestat?

 You should know this if Rice is your staple food..

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    How much water does it take to grow 1kg of irrigated Rice? In liters..

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    What type of rice helps to prevent cancer?


Rice Questions & Answers

How many types of rice are there?
You may think that there are only a few varieties of rice that are available. When you check the grocery or the market, you will see a few varieties to choose from. According to reports, there are about 40,000 varieties that are available right now.
How many colors of rice are there?
There are different colors of rice, as there are different types of rice. Rice is cultivated in different places, which also affect their colors; some rice comes in black, red, brown, purple, and most in white. The white rice is the most popular. Th
What is the difference between Brown Rice and Quinoa?
There are a lot of people who are a bit confused with the differences between quinoa and brown rice. They feel that these are both the same. They are different based on their appearance. Preparing these two would also require different preparation me
What is the difference between Jasmine Rice and White Rice?
Jasmine rice is a variant of white rice mostly made in Thailand. It is also known as Thai fragrant rice or as Thai Hom Mali rice. Jasmine rice is a large-grained variety of rice. Jasmine rice can either be fully or partially milled. It can be either
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