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  • What is the difference between White Rice and Brown rice?
    What is the difference between White Rice and Brown rice?
    There are a lot of different types of rice that you can buy at the store to make. At first, there was only one type of rice. It was white rice, and it is probably the most popular type of rice, even today and even though there are so many other types of rice that you can buy. White rice is bleached. Brown rice is much healthier than white rice. It is recommended that if you are going to make rice, you should make brown rice instead of white rice based on the health of it. Brown rice takes longer to cook than white rice. Also, the colors of the two rice are different as well. White rice is white, and brown rice is brown.

  • What is the difference between Jasmine Rice and White Rice?
    What is the difference between Jasmine Rice and White Rice?
    Jasmine rice is a variant of white rice mostly made in Thailand. It is also known as Thai fragrant rice or as Thai Hom Mali rice. Jasmine rice is a large-grained variety of rice. Jasmine rice can either be fully or partially milled. It can be either white or brown, depending on the milling process. It contains vitamin B with many other essential nutrients. White rice refers to any polished rice that has its bran, germ, and husk removed. This type of rice is known to have less nutritional value due to the polishing applied on it. The polishing makes the rice bright and shiny.

  • What is the difference between Brown Rice and Quinoa?
    What is the difference between Brown Rice and Quinoa?
    There are a lot of people who are a bit confused with the differences between quinoa and brown rice. They feel that these are both the same. They are different based on their appearance. Preparing these two would also require different preparation methods. For people who would like to get higher amounts of protein, quinoa may be more ideal. This also contains a lesser amount of carbohydrates, which means that it can be beneficial for those who are trying to lessen the carbohydrates that they consume. There are other healthier alternatives that people are using if they do not think that brown rice or quinoa will be perfect for them. Some would use cauli rice instead.

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