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Food And Nutrition Questions and Answers

  • Despite a high intake of animal-derived foods, the Paleolithic diet was appreciably low in saturated fat because:

  • The most important influences on an individual’s nutrition related health outcomes are:

  • Information on human nutritional requirements is drawn from two major sources:

  • Which person is most likely to have the highest BMR?

  • Which of the following factors has the least impact on BMR?

  • Most energy expenditures for Australian males would be in the range of:

  • The definition of Indigenous is dependent on:

  • Life expectancy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males is:

  • Infant mortality among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations is:

  • _______________ and _____________ are thought to play a significant role in susceptibility to cancer but carcinogens such as _____________ and _____________ are also thought to be involved.

  • What we eat can play a role at which of the following stages of carcinogenesis?

  • Examples of food mutagens are: