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Increased metabolism, reduced appetite, muscle mass retention—eating protein-rich meat has several health benefits. Check out our online meat quizzes to find a whole lot of informative and entertaining facts about meat to share with others.

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    What cut of meat is used for making bacon?

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    Primary divisions of quarters, foresaddles, hindsaddles, and carcasses.

There are so many ways you can cook different types of meat to ensure you get the best experience when eating it. You can choose to either fry the meat or cook it moist depending on the meat. Take this quiz and see if you...

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    What is the cookery for corned brisket? 

Do you know what you're putting in your mouth???  Take this quiz to find out!Visit, an online network for Vegan teens.Click "START QUIZ" below!

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    Jello brand Gelatin dessert

Take this quiz and find out if you are bacon or any other kind of meat!

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    What ice cream do you like best?

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Meat Questions & Answers

What causes meat to taste “gamey”?
The taste of "game" (venison is the stereotype) is different from the taste of "domestic" meats such as beef, pork or poultry. The expression "gamy" describes meat that tastes or smells different, perhaps stronger, than
What is the difference between White and Dark Meat?
Talking about dark meat, it contains a higher constituent of myoglobin. This myoglobin is found in the muscle cells as a biologic pigment, and it provides oxygen to the body during physical exertion such as exercise. This myoglobin is found more at t
What is the difference between Skirt and Flank?
Skirt and flank in this aspect refer to steak cuts that are gotten from similar part of a cow -the part between the hip and the rib. The two are similar in size, thickness, and in the way they can be cooked or prepared. Their location on the body of
What is the difference between Zabiha and Halal?
Zabiha is considered the most appropriate and correct way to slaughter animals for consumption. Zabiha is the way that characterizes how the animals must be slaughtered humanely. Halal is deemed to be legitimate and lawful as per Islamic beliefs. It
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