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The ingredients, recipe and the style of cooking start varying with every mile you cover on earth. So how well do you know about the different cuisines? We have created a collection of fun online cuisine quizzes to enhance your knowledge and keep you engaged for hours.
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    What is Filipino staple food?

Different traditions take different dishes for different times of the day. The British dishes included full breakfast and Christmas dinner composed of Sunday roast, steak and kidney pie. People in Britain eat variety of foods...

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    Which British dish could you make with beef, potato, carrot, onion, pastry and gravy?

This is a Quiz on the country Brazil.

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    Who developed the corn or the corn porridge, which was one of the first aliments consumed in Brazil?


Cuisine Questions & Answers

Which is the rarest cuisine in the world?
Bird's nest soup is a legitimate delicacy, and it is thought to be an aphrodisiac. This clear, sometimes light brownish dish is made from the dried saliva found in the nests of a bird called a swift. Swifts use their spit to coagulate the leaves, twi
Where did the word cuisine come from?
The word cuisine is also the French word meaning kitchen. It is related to the Latin and Spanish word Cocina that also means kitchen. Cuisine also has the connotation of the way of cooking or style of cooking. It is not clear how far back this use of
What is the most difficult food to cook?
One particularly difficult dish is consommé, a type of clear soup consisting of egg whites, ground meat, boullion, and tomatoes. The earliest types of this soup date to the Middle Ages. These early versions of the soup were forerunners to mode
Should I eat only 3 meals a day?
Research suggests that it matters less how many meals you eat as much as what you eat at those meals. In general, it is good to eat a well-rounded diet of vegetables, meats, and grains. Some studies suggest that eating more smaller meals a day is act
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