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The Control Data Corporation [CDC] was one of the top nine biggest United States computer companies in the 1960s. During that time, they created a line of computers that were the fastest computers then. These were the first to be called supercomputers. However, their success was short-lived.  They couldn’t sustain their success and they started evolving into a service based company. They were convinced that the computer-based education was going to become a huge market in the future. They turned to providing higher education to segments of society that could never afford to go to university.
So professional licensure and educational testing became important business segments for them. A CDC professional qualification was a pioneering and empowering certification. And it still is. PLATO [Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations] was one of the first computer aided instruction systems and it set them miles ahead of the competition. If you know your history about computers and the role played by the CDC, take these quizzes and prove your hard drive has good processing power.
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    When turning a patient, what is the MOST IMPORTANT precaution to take whether you are pushing or pulling the patient?

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    (001) When planning and scheduling work assignments and priorities, what must you do when you discover a piece of equipment is out of commission and it will affect your ability to perform the mission?

Intelligence has been defined in many different ways to include the capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, and problem solving. How much do you know...

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    Critical thinking provides _________ and _________ to the reasoning process to identify key areas of thinking for analysts to know where they are likely to go astray.

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    When planning and scheduling work assignments and priorities, what is the first thing you should do?

This is an electronic version of the new Z1P071 upgrade training CDC Volume URE Questions. This is an aid to help those who would prefer to use electronic means of study, and is in no way a definitive alternative to reading the...

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    As a supervisor, prior to assigning individuals their work duties, you should

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What degree do I need to become an air traffic controller?
There are different degrees that allow you to become special personnel and follow a specific career. For instance, you need a medicine of bachelors and surgery to become a doctor you need a business associate degree to follow the business and you nee
What LOGMOD level of detail provides the total number of personnel, total short tons, and total square feet?
Aggregate. -logmod detail levels detail level title definition 1 aggregate total number of personnel, total short tons, total measurement tons, and total square feet. 2 summary total number of authorized personnel and number of passengers re
Who is responsible for accounting for personnel when they arrive in the AOR?
Persco teams-the persco team usually operates the rpu and accounts for all arriving and departing personnel. the persco team establishes strength accountability for everyone they are responsible for, regardless of location and update the information