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  • What do zebras eat?
    What do zebras eat?
    Zebras live on the savannah, so they need to find food that can be found easily on the savannahs. Zebras are known to be herbivores. Herbivores are animals that only eat plants. Therefore, zebras are not predators. They do not eat meat and they do not prey on other animals. Zebras eat grass, but they have certain preferences. They will not eat just any grass. They prefer to eat the short grass that is fine and green.   These blades of grass are thin. If they are hungry enough, they will eat other kinds of grass instead of going hungry. This coarser longer grass will be eaten by zebras if shorter, finer grass can’t be found. So, you probably will see zebras bending over often to eat grass.

  • What is the Quagga plan?
    What is the Quagga plan?
    The project stems from a plan to reintroduce a version of the quagga, an extinct species of zebra, into the population by selectively breeding in South Africa and then reintroducing them into the original quagga plain.   Apparently, in 1987 Reinhold Rau discovered that there was a very close relationship between quaggas and extant plains zebras. However, in breeding back, this quagga-like zebras will only resemble the quagga in appearance but they will be genetically different, as there is no known way to recover DNA. The quagga was a plains zebra that was believed to extinct in the late 19th century. However, studies have shown that that a sub-species of this zebra exists. The zebra looks different to others in that the head and the front part of the body appear striped white and brown and then fades into the color brown the farther you move toward the back of the horse. When they existed, they were found mostly in the Karoo of Cape Province and the Orange Free State of South Africa.

  • Why have zebras not been domesticated?
    Why have zebras not been domesticated?
    Like many animals, the only tame and domesticated animals are found in zoos or sanctuaries. Zebras are the same. Zebras have not been domesticated yet. Horses have been domesticated, but there are differences between zebras and horses. Animals are known to be considered wild animals and some of them are expected to live in the wild. This mainly includes zebras.   They can be domesticated and trained, but people don’t believe that they should do so. That is why they most likely have not been domesticated. They are not equipped to be ridden. It doesn’t seem like the zebra will ever be trained because people do not consider the zebra to be trainable animal. Also, it seems that zebras are slow and small so they may not be ideal for the reasons animals are trained.

  • What is nuzzling?
    What is nuzzling?
    Nuzzlng refers to an animal that rubs his nose against something. Different animals nuzzle including zebras, horses, lions and dogs. They may also nuzzle other animals or humans for different reasons. Most of the time when an animal nuzzles, it may also lick at the same time or right after or before it nuzzles. Lions are believed to nuzzle each other for one of two reasons.   First, they may nuzzle in order to become less stressed. The other reason is because the lion wants to show who is in charge. Dogs may nuzzle for a couple of reasons including showing affection to its owner. It may also nuzzle in order to persuade its owner to do something. This nuzzling can be misinterpreted.

  • Are zebras endangered species?
    Are zebras endangered species?
    Like many animals, there are different types of animals in each species. Therefore, it is difficult or even wrong to say that the zebras are endangered because there are different kinds of zebras. Depending on the type of zebra, that depends on whether it is endangered or not. In general it is not believed that the zebra is endangered. However, the Grevy’s zebra is considered to be endangered, but the plain zebras you see are not.   There are a few types of zebras that are vulnerable which means that they are close to being endangered. These are known as the Hartmann’s zebra and the mountain zebra. The number of these zebras left on the planet is dwindling or it has decreased.

  • Which animals hunt zebras?
    Which animals hunt zebras?
    Zebras are easy prey. They are herbivores so they eat only plants. They are not looking for other animals to eat. However, they are not so lucky since they are prey for many other animals. Some of these animals that prey on zebras include African lions, leopards, and cheetahs. These animals have an advantage over zebras.   They have sharp teeth and can run very fast. They are bigger or the same size as zebras. However, there are other animals that are smaller than zebras and still attack them. These are the African Wild Dogs and Spotted Hyenas. Since they stay together in packs, they can attack zebras. Crocodiles attack zebras too. However, an animal that many don’t think of that hunt zebras are humans.

  • How do zebras differ from horses?
    How do zebras differ from horses?
    It depends which species of zebra you consider. The rare mountain lion However, zebras do differ in their skins. The zebra stripe patterns are unique to each individual. Horses have brown, black, white or dappled skins but never stripes.   Also, you can find horses all over the world albeit in slightly different appearance, but zebras are peculiar to Africa. Perhaps over many decades of centuries this is because the horse has proved to be domesticated, or humans have managed to engage horses usefully whereas zebras have remained wild. There is a difference between horses and zebras in the sounds they make. Both snicker and snort, but zebras bray when horses whinny. Horses do not behave like pack, although there does seem to be a group spirit when they are in large numbers together. But this may be opportunity: the usefulness of horses means that they are mainly at work in ones or twos.

  • How do zebras defend themselves against predators?
    How do zebras defend themselves against predators?
    Zebras normally move in groups, this provides great protection for them. They benefit from eyes, nostrils and ears of other zebras in the group to alert them to the presence of a predator. When a predator is near, they form a circle facing the attacker and they get ready to strike if the predator attacks. The stripes of the zebra make it hard for predators to single out any individual zebra.   The herd also moves with other animals like the baboons, to increase their chances of detecting a predator far ahead. Zebras are also very fast, they have great stamina and they can run more than 30 miles per hour. This allows them to outrun a predator. Zebras can kick and bite. They use their powerful legs to kick their predators.

  • Are zebras pack animals?
    Are zebras pack animals?
    Zebras are known to travel in groups. They do this for a specific reason and that is to be together to frighten off the predators. If the predator sees zebras in a group, this lone predator may feel that the pack of them are scary to the predator. Sometimes, the group of zebras may be small or large depending on the group.   In a savannah, this would allow the predatory to easily see the large amount of zebras together. It may seem that the zebra is a loner, but in actuality it may seem like it wants to be by himself, but they stay together for protection. By itself, the zebra could not fight off any true predator if it was approached by a cheetah or lion.

  • Can you ride a zebra?
    Can you ride a zebra?
    It is not recommended that you ride a zebra because they are not trained to be ridden. Zebras are wild. Very rarely do you see a trained or tame zebra. Therefore, it is suggested that someone needs to ride another animal and not a zebra. It would be very difficult to even get on the animal and then difficult to stay on it when in motion.   There are other similar animals that can be ridden like a horse or a donkey. Zebras are known for being smaller than a horse and therefore can’t carry the weight like a horse could by a rider. Since zebras are not tame nor do they have the muscles to withhold a rider, riders should ride something else.

  • Are zebra faster than horses?
    Are zebra faster than horses?
    There are many different types of animals that resemble a horse. They have four legs, a muzzle and ears that stick up. If you drew a horse, it would be difficult to determine whether you were drawing a horse, donkey or zebra. However, there are differences among these three animals especially between the horse and zebra. The first difference is the size of them. Zebras are known for being much smaller than the average horse.   Zebras also are not tame like horses that can be tamed. If they ran a race, the horse would definitely win because horses run faster than zebras. In the wild, zebras must rely on their other methods to defend themselves against predators by camouflaging themselves with their surroundings.

  • How large are zebras?
    How large are zebras?
    Zebras are known to be smaller than horses. For the most part, they may vary in size to other zebras. Since there are different types of zebras, they can be different sizes. A common plains zebra may stand four and one quarter feet tall to the shoulders. Across the body from shoulders to its tail, the zebra can be over eight feet long. Other zebras like the Grevy’s zebra would be bigger than the common plains zebra.   The mountain zebra is littler. Even though these zebras are of different sizes, they appear similar based on their stripes. The mane of the Grevy’s zebra looks bigger than the common plains zebra. The mountain zebra also has regular black and white stripes that are significantly more bold.

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