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  • Who is the main character in the story?
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  • What do you learn about Zebra because of the character Andrea?
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  • At the end of the story, what does John Wilson do with Zebra’s drawing?A
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  • There are different animals with their habitation different from one another, feeding on different things for their existence, zebras is an animal which habitats on?

  • Animal habitats are distinct and diverse as survival is critical on certain habitat, an example of a terrestrial animal is?

  • In the animal kingdom, different class, order, family genes, and species come into play, what representative species is Zebra?

  • How many species of zebra are there?

  • How does the zebra keep cool in the heat?

  • How many subspecies of zebra are there?

  • How do you describe how zebras eat?

  • What do you call zebra groups?

  • What is the litter size of zebras?