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Native to Africa, Zebras are known for their striking stripes. But can you believe no two zebras are exactly the same when it comes to the stripes that they may have? Enhance your knowledge about this favorite animal with our online Zebra quizzes perfect for all.
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Chaim Potok creatively writes the story with fascinating characters, to keep you at it all through. However, how much do you think you understood the story? The best way to find out is to take the test and see how much you...

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    Who is the main character in the story?

Zebras are several single-hoofed animals that live only in Africa. Studies reveal that they are close relatives of donkeys and horses, that is, the belonging to the genus Equus. They are famous for their uniquely striped coats.

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    How do you describe how zebras eat?

Zebras are a beautiful species of animals. They have various shapes and sizes. They are usually referred to as an undomesticated species of horses. These animals are quite their breed though and if you are interested in knowing...

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    Zebras live in all habitats except one.

Zebras are delightful and beautiful animals. They are unique. But the best thing about them is that they come in different shapes and sizes. These animals don't fall under a single category. Take this quiz and test your...

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    What is the scientific name for the plains zebra?

Zebras are made up of white and black patterns that are unique to each. These wild animals live in Africa and are considered the wild horse of the savannah. Do you think you would survive a day as a zebra in the world? Take up...

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    How many species of zebra are there?


Zebra Questions & Answers

What class of animals do zebras belong to?
Zebras are mammals. The scientific name of the classification “mammals” is mammalia. This is the name of the class that zebras belong to. The classification, from there, runs down to the genus equus. The zebra has a lot of interesting qua
Are zebras pack animals?
Zebras are known to travel in groups. They do this for a specific reason and that is to be together to frighten off the predators. If the predator sees zebras in a group, this lone predator may feel that the pack of them are scary to the predator. So
What do zebras eat?
Zebras live on the savannah, so they need to find food that can be found easily on the savannahs. Zebras are known to be herbivores. Herbivores are animals that only eat plants. Therefore, zebras are not predators. They do not eat meat and they do no
What is the Quagga plan?
The project stems from a plan to reintroduce a version of the quagga, an extinct species of zebra, into the population by selectively breeding in South Africa and then reintroducing them into the original quagga plain.   Apparently, in 1987 R
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