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The Jungle is a book which was authored by Upton Sinclair. This book is one which explores the harsh conditions in which immigrants and children had to work in the industrialized cities. Sinclair was a journalist who conducted a great deal of research before producing this work.

He exposed the health violations taking place in industries such as the meat packing industry and also exposed unsanitary practices that were being used in these industries. Today this book remains one which many schools list as required reading. If you had to read it once upon a time, put your memory to the test with our book related quizzes. See how well you can do by taking one of our multiple quizzes today. 

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  • Match the word to its corresponding definition/description.
    Match the word to its corresponding definition/description.
    Caused by a parasite that travels to red blood cells and destroys them. Caused by a worm that causes intense diarrhea and comes from muddy unsanitary waters. Causes intense itching which only helps to spread the complication. A tiny catfish that enters the urethra and cannot get out without surgery. Chemical that weakens walls of blood vessels and causes them to leak into surrounding tissues and stops clotting so that blood spills out from all organs. Chemical that blocks neurotransmitter receptors and causes paralysis. Chemical that causes numbness in face and burning pain throughout the body and begins to shut down nerve circuits.

  • Match the part of the brain with its function.
    Match the part of the brain with its function.
    Provides sense of fear. Shuts down circuits temporarily when they get overwhelmed. Motor processing center and seat of attention, alertness and concentration. Controls sensory functions Provides hearing, memory and conceptual thinking and language and image associations.

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