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Its a test about the book unwind and the autor is neal shutterman and the test is by me 

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    When is the age limit age at the end of the book that stopped a person from being Unwind?

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    How are Connor and Risa different from Lev?

Fun and quick quiz!

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    Connor finds a newspaper in the bushes. What does it talk about?

Fun and quick quiz!!

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    How were the Harvest camps called before?

Fun and quick quiz!

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    Lev meets a kid called Cyrus Finch.  What is his nickname?

Unwind Questions & Answers

How many people died on the way to the graveyard?
Wasn't it five people who died? Because all the crates already had four people (ex; connor's crate had Harvey, Emby, and Diego, along with him) and the reason people died in a crate is because there were five people put in one, and lack of oxygen cau
How long does the surgery takes?
The answer used in this quiz is actually incorrect. According to the book Unwind the surgeon stated that he was running late in the crucial procedure( keep in mind that the average is 3 hours for the unwinding process) and that resulted in himfinishi
Risa has been from to and the only family she had was
Orphanage to orphanage or from family to family and Mr.Durkin