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This is a test to see what you know about the book.

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    True or false: Stormtail is Bluestar's father

Digimon is a Japanese media franchise found in various formats; anime, video games, films, manga, trading cards, which focuses on monsters living in a digital world, known as Digimon creatures. The Ten Legendary Warriors were ten...

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    When is your favorite time

Warrior cats come in different forms, some kind, some evil and some honorable. Have you read all the warrior cats and feel like your bond with a specific clan? Enter the world of Warriors, and find out your destined clan by the...

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    Are you a fast runner?

Let us face it, warrior cats are very interesting and captivating and each clan offers us different characters that we get to understand and some of us even love. If you were a warrior cat what do you think your name, color,...

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    Eye color

The quiz will test the skill of the people that read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. It'll determine if you are ready to become a Medicine Cat!

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    This herb is a poultice that is terrific for healing wounds. Which herb is it?

Warriors Questions & Answers

What do you give the kit to save its life? A kit has eaten some Death Berries! There is still time to save the kit!
Give the kit yarrow so he or she may have the death berry clear out of its mouth. Then, give it poppy seeds. they must be tired after all that.
Which herb is it? This herb is a poultice that is terrific for healing wounds.
For some reason I thought it was burdock root because it heals rat bites
How many clans are there
There are only 4 thunder river shadow wind is u don't count star clan