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For all the bookaholics out there, and especially kids who love to read about dystopian societies, The Giver is all about a bunch of 16-year-olds who have to take part in a ceremony which then decides what jobs they are going to be doing for the rest of their lives.
Can you name the author of ‘The Giver”? How about the different characters in the book or the six-time Academy Award nominee who’s in the movie adaptation? The head honcho in the movie adaptation is also played by someone who goes by the name of Mery Streep, who we think lives at the Kodak Theater. Well, does she? Find out all that and much more by taking our quizzes right here. 

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  • What is Jonas selected for at the Ceremony of Twelve?
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  • What job does Jonas father have?
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  • What is extraordinary about Gabriels eyes?
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  • Why did the Giver say the community went to sameness?
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  • What disturbing memory did the Giver give Jonas?
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  • Could the Receiver apply for a spouse?
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  • According to Chapter 1, what frightened Jonas about a year ago?

  • According to the text, what punishment does a community member receive when they commit a major wrongdoing or crime?

  • What does Jonas's family do after eating each evening meal?

  • What do you love to do on your spare time?

  • What is your favorite book out of the following?

  • You are stranded on an island with only one item. What do you have?