The Giver- Chapter 20-the End

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The Giver Quizzes & Trivia

Lois Lowry's book 'The Giver' is an interesting young adult fiction written in simple to understand style. If you have read the book to the end, you remember how chapter 20 was, right? Find out how much you retained below.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Do we know what he means by "daughter?" What makes you think so? I, personally, do not.

  • 2. 

    Do you think that he made it to Elsewhere? Why or why not?

  • 3. 

    Why doesn't The Giver go with Jonas?

    • A.

      He has work to do, there

    • B.

      He doesn't want to.

    • C.

      He loves Jonas

    Correct Answer
    A. He has work to do, there
    The Giver doesn't go with Jonas because he has work to do. This suggests that The Giver has responsibilities or tasks that he needs to attend to in his current location. It implies that his work is important and requires his presence, thus preventing him from accompanying Jonas on his journey.

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  • 4. 

    Where does the Giver want to go?

    • A.

      Away to elsewhere.

    • B.

      To be with his daughter.

    • C.

      Back to work

    Correct Answer
    B. To be with his daughter.
    The Giver wants to go to be with his daughter. This is evident from the statement "To be with his daughter" provided as one of the options. The other options, "Away to elsewhere" and "back to work," do not align with the information given in the question. Therefore, the correct answer is to be with his daughter.

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  • 5. 

    Who is the Giver's daughter?

    • A.

      We don't know.

    • B.


    • C.


    • D.


    Correct Answer
    D. Rosemary
  • 6. 

    Why was Jonas forced to leave early?

    • A.

      He wanted to

    • B.

      He had to take Gabriel, because he was going to be released.

    • C.

      He hoped to get to Elsewhere.

    Correct Answer
    B. He had to take Gabriel, because he was going to be released.
    Jonas was forced to leave early because he had to take Gabriel with him. Gabriel was going to be released, which meant that he would be killed. Jonas wanted to protect Gabriel and ensure his survival, so he made the decision to leave the community and take Gabriel with him. This was a necessary action in order to save Gabriel's life.

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