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  • TSgt Jumbo receives a phone call from an Airman who has been accused of being AWOL and is now being charged 10 days of “bad time.”  Jumbo investigates the situation, finds out A1C Zon failed to process the leave form.  Jumbo discovers several other members in the organization with the same problem.  TSgt Jumbo has already given A1C Zon verbal counseling for neglecting paperwork.  While discussing with his commander, Jumbo says, “I recommend an administrative demotion, Zon can’t follow simple orders.” TSgt Jumbo’s ______ will MOST likely ______ his effectiveness.

  • During a conversation with his fellow Flight Chiefs, TSgt Gomez says, “This can either be paper or electronic and is maintained outside of the organization.  It can only be implemented at the commander’s level and houses an Airman’s past written counseling forms, legal, and non-judicial occurrences.  This is outside of the supervisor’s control.” TSgt Gomez’s comments BEST identify _____.

  • During a conversation with his subordinates, TSgt Niland states “The Area Defense Counsel is sometimes a tenant unit on military installations.”  His subordinates thanked him for the information because they were in dire need of assistance. TSgt Niland’s ______ will MOST likely ______ his subordinate’s effectiveness.

  • You must “pull your own weight,” and at times you may have to deny some personal preferences for the good of your group, section, and unit.
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  • Airmens willingness to do good of the unit, it demands habitual but reasoned obedience that preserves intiative and functions even in the absence of the commander.
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  • Requires a strong sense of responsibility in performing your job to the best of your abilities, volunteering for the tough jobs, and working overtime, if necessary, to accomplish your mission as it relates to the Air Force mission.
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  • what are the four major areas that DoDsenior leaders identified to focus on to implement change?

  • List the three levels of air and space doctrine?

  • Strategy is not a principla of war, according to the AFDD.

  • What is the first line of the Airman's Creed?
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  • What is the last line of the Airman's Creed?
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  • Because I am an American Airman, I am:
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