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Holes is a very captivating book that shows us the story of a young boy who has for a very long time to been followed by bad luck throughout his life due to a curse placed on their grandfather. Have you had time to read this book...

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    The setting of Holes is

How well do you know the novel, Holes?

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    Campers don't want to get bitten by a ___________, even if it means they would be allowed to spend time recovering in the tent, instead of having to dig a hole out on the lake.

Holes Chapters 6-10

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    Stanley's nickname is

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Holes Questions & Answers

Where is the setting of Holes done?
The answer is all of the above lol lola is cool
Where is the setting of Holes done?
1. The answer is D all of the above.This is because the setting of Holes is Camp Green Lack which is a dersert and a place that is very hot and dry.
Which description best describes Stanley?
Stanley is in no way shape or form overweight. He is as thin and as tall as the shovel he uses to dig holes. Now Armpit, on the other hand, is overweight. He's had a little too much aunt jemimapancakes.