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Take this 40 question quiz to see what you remember about the book "The Island of the Blue Dolphins."

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    Who is the main character (protagonist) in the story?

The Island of the Blue Dolphins is a Children's novel written by American writer Scott O'Dell. The story revolves around a girl who survived for years on an island, which is based on a real-life incident. This...

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    Who/What came to the island in a canoe?

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

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    A devilfish ejects a black cloud of liquid in the water when he is attacked because ________

The students will answer comprehension questions for Chapters 1-5 in Island of the Blue Dolphins. Using information gained from reading the chapters, answer the following questions.

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    Why did only Karana's father speak to the Russian?

Choose the best answer that completes the sentence.

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    When Won-a-pa-lei left her home to go to a country in the east, her canoe started to leak, and she had to turn back.  The good omen animals that guided her home were______________

Island Of The Blue Dolphins Questions & Answers

Who is Chief Chowig?
Chief Chowig is a character in the book, Island of the blue dolphins. He is the father of Karana, Ulape, and Ramo. He is the leader of the people at Ghalas-at. Chowig represents the male leadership of the village. He represents the old and wise, male
Who is the main character (protagonist) in the story?
Karana is the main character or protagonist in the story.
Why did the dogs divide into two packs after the fight?
The answer to this is B. The dogs ended up with two new leaders and not just one. The dogs decided who they would like to lead them. This is the same as the things that happen in our lives. There are times when there are two great leaders who seem to