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We have either read the books or watched the series based on the book. We can conclude that the song of ice and fire is a very captivating read that offers a story line that draws a reader in. how much did you concentrate...

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    What is the name of Samwell Tarly's younger brother, preferred by his father Lord Randyll as the heir to Horn Hill?

AQOIAF returns after a lengthy absence - this Dornish quiz is the first in a series of special themed quizzes! Enjoy!Credit to jonathanguzi from deviantart for this stunning image.

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    Prince Doran Martell had his son Quentyn fostered with which other noble Dornish house?

Test your knowledge of the ASOIAF novels and universe here! (warning: ADWD spoilers, and mention of several popular fan theories!)

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    Whom of the following was not one of the Lords Declarant?

A Song Of Ice And Fire Questions & Answers

What was the direct cause of Tyrion Lannister deciding to murder his father Tywin in a Storm of Swords?
Hearing the truth about Tysha from JaimeAfter Jaime frees Tyrion from his cell, he confesses that Tysha, to whom Tyrion was shortly married in his early years, was not a prostitute hired by Tywin after all. This enrages Tyrion so much that he decides
The name of the fool Catelyn Stark kills at the Red Wedding is _______.
Jinglebell Aegon Frey JinglebellsAegon Frey, often called Jinglebell, is the first son from the second wife of the first son from the first wife of Lord Walder Frey. Confusing, isnt it?
According to a somewhat popular theory, the High Sparrow is none other than ________.
Howland ReedHowland Reed, friend of Ned Stard and witness to whatever happened at the Tower of Joy, is said to appear at some point in the series, according to George RR Martin.