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    How does Charlotte feel when she is alone in the dark cargo hold?

The questions cover only Part One (Ch.1-12) of Avi's The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.

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    As the story opens, Charlotte Doyle is a _____ on the Seahawk.

Well, its time for you to confess to yourself how much you know about this historical novel; and what better way can you opt for than taking this quiz to test it.

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    What is the Main Character's name?

EOC Prep from Prentice Hall Grade 9 book.  Part 1 Diagnostic Test 1 and part of the Screening Test

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    First, Read the Selection:The National Federation of the Blind was established in 1940 with two aims:  to help blind people achieve self-confidence and to promote understanding of the blind.The Federation operates a variety of programs that benefit many of the 1.1 million blind people in the United States today.  It publishes magazines and books and maintains a website.  It also publishes bulletins and brochures about new research.  The organization helps blind people receive and use specially designed kitchen equipment, clocks, rulers, adn thermometers.  The Federation's secondary aim is to educate the public.  Some sighted people think that blind people need constant assistance and cannot lead independent lives. The Federation's outreach programs help to shatter those stereotypes.A century ago, blind people had few options and faced limits on their activities and dreams.  Today, these limits are no longer inevitable because of the wealthy of information and technology available to them.  For example, in September 2004, twelve blind high school students worked with NASA scientists to build and launch a rocket.  The students used sound signals to monitor the rocket's progress as it reached 4,901 feet.  Through the Federation's sponsorship of this program, these students gained new confidence by achieving goals that once would have seemed impossible.1.  Which of the following is a negative stereotype that many people have about blind people?

Test over story elements, literary elements, and vocabulary for the novel The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi.

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The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle Questions & Answers

Who is a final friend according to Zachariah?.
1. Sews your body up in your hammock when you die2. Throws your body, in the hammock, overboard
What does Zachariah mean? To what is he comparing the wind? How does this passage relate to Charlotte's experiences? Zachariah says, "A sailor chooses the wind that takes the ship from a safe port....
It means she has to be careful and watch her step or she will be in trouble. He is comparing the wind because if she doesn't do the right thing, she could be in major trouble. This relates to Charlotte's experiences because she switched from the capt