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Have you read the famous novel by William Golding, Lord of the Flies? Then share your knowledge! Take the online lord of the flies quizzes and claim your title as the victor.

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This test provides a comprehension test for the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding. It contains 25 questions and has no time limit. Choose the answer choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

Questions: 25  |  Attempts: 56088   |  Last updated: Oct 15, 2020
  • Sample Question
    At the beginning of the book, a ______ was found that was later used to summon the littluns.

This is where you find out who your personality best fits in with the boys on the island in Lord of the Flies. Also gives an analysis of characters at the end. Helpful for exams. Focuses on chapters 7-12. 

Questions: 17  |  Attempts: 20301   |  Last updated: Jan 18, 2021
  • Sample Question
    You are in a forest with your friends. You get lost. What do you do?. 

The Lord of the flies follows the story of a group of boys on a plane that got shot down over the Pacific Ocean. Being that they are all alone without adult supervision, they have to know how to survive independently. The novel...

Questions: 40  |  Attempts: 6472   |  Last updated: Feb 17, 2021
  • Sample Question
    The destruction of the conch symbolizes

Nobel Prize winner William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ is a 1954 novel focusing on the tale of a group of young boys from Britain who are stranded on a desert island and forced to govern themselves with...

Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 7079   |  Last updated: Sep 7, 2020
  • Sample Question
    Who is "the fair haired boy" mentioned in the first pages of the novel?

Reading Comprehension Quiz for Chapters 1-3 of Lord of the Flies by William Golding. 

Questions: 11  |  Attempts: 8284   |  Last updated: Sep 7, 2020
  • Sample Question
    The boys are marroned on the island after a shipwreck.

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Lord Of The Flies Questions & Answers

Where does Ralph go to sleep when he makes this decision?
Ralph is supposed to make his decision regarding where he is going to sleep. Near the end of the novel, it becomes apparent that he has already made his decision. The obvious choice is to sleep in an empty shelter but he believes that it is not going
What was the first meal that the boys had on the island?
Although there is abundant fruit on the island where the group of boys, large and small, find themselves, there is little to assuage their hunger. They suffer from the most dreadful stomach cramps because they are not having anything starchy to fill
What are the differences between the characters of Piggie and Ralph?
Piggie is more like a mama's boy whereas Ralph is confident and smart . Piggie was not allowed to do anything by his aunt whereas Ralph was by his family for examples : when Ralph goes swimming and calls piggie he say no
Can you discuss the power struggle between Jack and Ralph? Also, what is the "beast" symbolically? Who understands that there really is a "beastie" on the island?
The beast symbolically represents the scareness of the littluns. One of the littluns just under stand that there was a beast on the island because they saw it at night and at the morning. Ralph actually is the most one who doesn"t understand tha
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