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Great Expectations is a novel by Charles Dickens and considered to be one of the greatest works of classic literature ever published. Book nerds, avid readers, and fans of Victorian literature are sure to have a blast testing their knowledge of Dickens and his work with these quizzes. Fun and exciting, you’ll enjoy taking a romp with the colorful cast of this novel and getting to know them better.

What is the name of Ms. Havisham’s manor? How old is Pip when Magwitch returns to his life? In what region of England are the marshes in the novel found? What genre of fiction does Great Expectations belong to? Do you know who is Estella’s father? What is Jaggers constantly doing? Who attacks Ms. Joe? Who is the “pale, young gentleman?” Explore questions like these and more by taking these quizzes today.
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Have you ever read the novel Great Expectations? This quiz will tell the tale. In the novel, which is set in the early 1800s, it begins with a seven-year-old Pip. He is an orphan who longs to have a career as a blacksmith. This...

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  • Sample Question
    It is apparent midway through the novel that Miss Havisham raised Estella to _______.

Have you ever read the book, "Great Expectations? This test will determine your knowledge of this popular classic. Charles Dickens is the author of the story. Dickens illustrates the theme through the main character, Pip. It...

Questions: 30  |  Attempts: 817   |  Last updated: Jun 5, 2020
  • Sample Question
    Pip's real name is Phillip.

Have you ever read Charles Dicken’s novel, Great Expectations? This quiz will tell the tale. It was written in 1861. The main character, Pip, is the protagonist and narrator. He is one of the most popular characters in...

Questions: 13  |  Attempts: 3169   |  Last updated: Nov 26, 2020
  • Sample Question
    Identify Pip, Mrs. Joe, and Joe

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

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  • Sample Question
    Identify Miss Havisham

Type description here.

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  • Sample Question
    With whom does Pip room at Barnard's Inn?

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Great Expectations Questions & Answers

What is the most logical reason for Mrs. Joe's constantly insulting Pip and Joe during the early chapters of the book?
Mrs. Joe can be considered to be a very cruel woman. The fact that she is verbally abusive already says a lot about the type of person that she is. She has not become cruel for no reason though. The answer to this is letter A. She hates the fact that
Why does Joe give Pip more gravy during dinner?
He is trying to compensate for Mr. Pumblechook s criticism of Pip
Why did Pip run for his life, and why didn't he get far at the end of chapter 4?
He knew Mrs. Joe would go on a rampage when she dicovered the missing pork pie. He didn t get far because there were soldiers at his door.
How does Bentley Drummle die?
He is thrown off a horse
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