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  • Which of the following sentence is an example of a simile?
    Which of the following sentence is an example of a simile?
    One of the things that you have to look for when you are looking for a simile is you need to check if there are two things that are being compared to each other. There is a need to look for connecting words in order to distinguish which of the given is a simile. Based on the choices, you can already eliminate A and D. The only two choices that contain connecting words are B and C. Which of the two is the simile? The best answer for this is B because He is being compared to a mouse. Remember that a simile is a type of metaphor wherein two things need to be compared.

  • What does Max mean by " . . . year Gram and Grim took me over . . ."?
    What does Max mean by " . . . year Gram and Grim took me over . . ."?
    That mean when someone loves you and they will never stop loving you and the correct answer is the year gram and grim started taking care of max

  • What is Blades other name?
    What is Blades other name?
    Tony D

  • Which of the following describes Max?
    Which of the following describes Max?
    Big Hates to read Lazy

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