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  • James Adams language that he learns at Cherub is ____________.
    James Adams language that he learns at Cherub is ____________.
    Yeah it's not German it's Russian that's why on his mission the fall he is in Russia and speaks Russian you noob

  • What is the name of James Adams mother?
    What is the name of James Adams mother?
    Gwen Onions - James took the surname Adams when he arrived at Cherub, Gwen remarried, so, assuming she took her new husbands name she would be Gwen Onions

  • The head of basic training is a man named ____________.
    The head of basic training is a man named ____________.
    His full name is Norman Large so it is also the correct answer.

  • What is James Adams handler named?
    What is James Adams handler named?
    Meryl Spencer

  • Who does James fancy on his mission?
    Who does James fancy on his mission?
    Johanna Jackson

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