Top To Kill A Mockingbird Quizzes & Trivia

Harper Lee is the Pulitzer Prize winning author of the brilliantly written novel ‘To kill a mocking bird’. The book instantly achieved the best seller distinction on an international scale, and was also adapted into an Academy Award winning movie in 1962. Although Harper’s contribution to literature has been limited to only one novel, she has achieved what many writers can only wish for, even after authoring volumes.

“What was the character’s name that was on trial for rape?”, “Who wrote the novel that ‘To kill a mocking bird’ was based on?”, “According to the story, what did Mayella ask Tom to chop off for her?”, and “What was Atticus’s daughter’s real name?” are all questions which you may find the answer in the following quizzes. Answer correctly and you may unlock the secret of the story.

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