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Some novels capture the mood of the public so perfectly that they become an instant classic, as well as a bestseller, and that's just what happened with The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. It's a unique book set during the terrors that engulfed Nazi Germany and it can move a reader to tears, as well as making him think about our history and the true meaning of life.

The novel spent nearly four years on the New York Times Best Seller List so the chances are that you've read it or seen its movie adaptation. If so, you can test your memory with our The Book Thief quizzes. In which year was The Book Thief released to universal acclaim? There is an unusual narrator for the novel, who, or what, is he? Can you name the novel's nine year old protagonist? Book yourself in with one of our quizzes today.

This quiz will test how well you really know The Book Thief. Rules are simple: The class will be divided up in two teams and the team with the most points wins. These are how the points will be arranged Multiple Choice are worth...

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    What was the name of Liesel's late brother?

It's a really fun story and I would loved to entice you by giving an introduction or brief description but that isn't possible. Everything has been converted to questions fo your entertainment.

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    When was the book staged?

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    What is the narrators favorite color?

Have you had the chance to read the book Thief novel by Markus Zusak? There is a lot that one can learn from the war between the British and Germany. And what happens to some of the people whose story is not yet told. The trivia...

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    What date is Hitler's birthday?

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  • Sample Question
    What would you do if your best friend were beaten up?

The Book Thief Questions & Answers

When were the three times death saw Liesel?
Death saw Liesel three times for example when her brother died and picked up the book. Another example is when she stole a book from the bonfire. The last example is when
Why was Liesel's mother sent to a concentration camp in the book Thief Trivia?
1. She was sent to a concentration camp because she was a communist.
Who is Ilsa Hermann's husband?
I don't understand this. I wrote 'mayor's' and it said it was wrong! I got the other questions wrong because I didn't start with uppercase letters, once because I wrote only what was needed in the blanks and not the whole sentence, and again once bec
Who is the husband of Ilsa Hermann?
Ilsa Hermann is the mayor's wife. 'snot s