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Is the following true or false? Serving before the referee calls the score, is a technical foul. If after a warning the player still does not wait, a point will be awarded to the non serving team...
1. TrueNot waiting for the referee to call the score, is a technical foul. A warning is normally issued to make the player aware of this and if the violation continues, a point is awarded to the non serving team and they switch courts.
Is it true or false? When a techical foul is called, the referee awards a point to the other team and the players will be instructed to switch sides.
"After one or two warnings, a referee can award a technical foul for not waiting for the score to be announced or for constant questioning of a referees call and a point awarded to the other team." This says nothing about players being told
Is the only line a referee is responsible to call the short service line?
False, A short serve is one that lands in the NVZ or hits the NO VOLLEY ZONE LINE.