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The player is outside the penalty box. He dribbles two opponents, leans back, shoots and.... GOAAAL! The crowd is ecstatic, the commentator goes wild and the score board marks the first correct answer in our Soccer quiz. Can you keep it up for the remaining minutes of the match? Only time and the referee will tell.

Let’s see you tackle questions like “How many World Cups does Italy hold?”, “What teams made it to the final in Germany 2006 World Cup?”, “What national team did Pele use to play for?” or “What does FIFA stand for?”. You’ll need a bit of practice for this one, but don’t lose hope. Your teammates are looking out for you. All you need is a good assist and you can make it to the goal scorers hall of fame.

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  • What company do you like the best?
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  • What position do you play in ?
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  • What do you like more ?
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  • When the defending team kicks the ball out over their own goal line (not in the goal), what is the call?

  • When the attacking team kicks the ball out over their own goal line (not in the goal), what is the call?

  • What is the call when the ball is kicked over the touch line (side line)?

  • Do you want to play soccer?

  • Do you like to run?

  • Have you played soccer before?

  • A defender near the goal line deliberately kicks the ball forward to the goal keeper near the penalty spot. The keeper picks up the ball in his hands. The referee should:

  • A red team forward kicks the ball very hard at goal, on target, the ball glances off the referee who cant get out of the way in time, the ball misses the goal and goes over the goal line without any further player contact. What is the restart? 

  • In the Diagrams below the blue line indicates where the ball crosses the goal line after being last touched by the attacking team. The red indicates where the ball can be placed for the goal kick to restart play. Which diagram is correct.Diagram 1 Diagram 2 Diagram  3 Diagram  4