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Can you spot Chris Kirk from two fairways over? Do you fall asleep thinking of Rory McIlroy's shoulder turn? Then you might have what it takes to Name That Golfer! See how many of the following 10 players you can correctly...

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    Quanti bastoni può utilizzare un giocatore durante una gara?

What PGA Golfers golf game best resembles yours?

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    How long can you drive your ball?

Test your knowledge to see if you really know the rules of golf.

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    While on the putting green near the lip of the hole, Susan putts the ball with one hand and catches the ball with the other after the ball is below the level of the lip of the hole and prior to the ball dropping into the cup. What is the ruling?

This is a quiz that will tell you what brand golf ball you are.

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    Are you shy?

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Golf Questions & Answers

What is the reason behind golf balls being dimpled?
Golf balls have dimples because it improves its flight. When a golf ball is hit, air clings to its indentations and creates turbulence which increases its speed. Not just that it decreases the chance of separation of air from the surface of the ball
When does a player get disqualified?
He adds "anti-slice" solution to the face of the club, then makes a stroke with that club.Rule 4-2b
What were the first golf balls made out of?
Goose FeathersIt was a leather pouch filled with boiled goose feathers