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    Who defeated tennis player Bobby Riggs in the famous "Battle of the Sexes"?

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    What is the term for a zero score in tennis?


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    Where should the single sticks be Placed?

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    What is the correct ready or "set" position in tennis?

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    What choice is given the winner of the toss?

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Tennis Questions & Answers

What choice is given the winner of the toss?
B. The choice which are given to winner of the toss is answer B.
Which tennis term is defined as to win a game in which the player is serving?
The answer to this is C. There are a lot of people who have assumed that tennis is a bit boring in the beginning but the more that they learn details about the game, the more that they realize that it can be interesting. There are a lot of rules that
Who wins the match? Player A, after hitting an overhead “sitter” near the net, loses his racket. It flies over the net hitting his opponent, Player B, who cannot continue play after a full MTO.
The answer to this is A. Tennis is known to be one of the sports that people like a lot. It will be easy to find a lot of tennis fans from different parts of the world. They will also have their favorites and it is common for them to talk about the d