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So you are a top-level softball player, but would you win in a trivia challenge with your friends. Play these awesome softball quizzes online and find out! Let’s get started.
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Softball traces its roots back to the late 1800s, and George Hancock is considered the father of softball. The game is about two teams of nine players alternate take turns at batting and fielding. Currently, Eddie Feigner holds...

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    Who is the person that throws the ball to the home base?

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    Where does the second baseman play on the softball field?

The purpose of this quiz is to check your softball knowledge, and see if you are able to process situations in your mind to deliver the proper action you should take.

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    You're a runner on third base, with less than 2 outs, and your teammate hits a shallow fly ball to right field.  You should:

Bacalah petunjuk mengerjakan soal online ini dengan baik dan teliti : 1. Soal pilihan ganda teridiri dari 15 butir soal 2. Waktu mengerjakan 20 menit 3. Pada Box Name, Isikan No NIM. 4. Klik Start untuk memulai ujian (Timer...

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    On deck cirle adalah . . . . .

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    The batter-runner overruns first base on a walk makes no attempt to second base and is tagged by the first baseman on her way back to first base.  The batter-runner shall be called out. 

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Softball Questions & Answers

What is the maximum amount of umpires released in a game?
There are seven umpires in a softball game, and there is always one umpire on the home plate. The plate umpire often uses an indicator to keep track of the game. Decisions about the play or made by umpires, like a reference in American football. The
How many outs are there in an inning?
This is incorrect. I'm a Softball coach, and I know that there are six outs in an inning because there are a top and bottom of an inning. Each team gets three outs for every half inning, so if you do the math 3+3=6. Therefore there are 6 outs in an i
What is it called when a batter hits the ball over the fence?
If the ball gets hit over the fence its an automatic home run any person knows that
What is the difference between Slow-Pitch and Fast-Pitch Softball?
Softball is a popular game in which it is divided into two basic forms, which are slow pitch and fastpitch softball since soft and fastpitch softball fall under the same game. There are similarities between them, and also differences in their game co
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