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Lacrosse Questions & Answers

Is it true or false? In lacrosse, if the ball goes out of bounds it is given to the nearest player.
Its sometimes true because if it is a failed pass then it is going to the othr team but if it is a shot on goal, then the ref decides which player was closest to the ball and that team obtains possesion
A player should cut through when the adjacent player (the dodger)
Is about to receive a passAllows dodging player to immediately go and not give the defense time to set up.
What should you do when doubled by a crease-sliding defense (and the 2 slide is already there)?
Free your hands, roll back, and passThe 2 slide should leave the person who just passed you the ball open, so a quick roll back pass will allow them to re-dodge to the side of the field that just opened up, and will be going against the overall direc