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Are you a die-hard netball fan? Then prove it with our quizzes! If you really know your netball, you’re sure to ace even the toughest trivia we can throw at you. Get ready for the best netball trivia quizzes available on the internet today. Prove you know your positions and the rules. Do you know when the World Series of Netball began, and who won?

Where did the game start, and which countries are good at it today? When did the game enter the Commonwealth Games for the first time? If you think you can handle all of these and more, take our quizzes today. No free passes here—you’ll have to earn your trivia stripes. Here’s your cue—take our quizzes!

Netball is basically a game with seven players on two teams. Breaking a major rule is more serious, and results in the opposing team being awarded a penalty pass in the game. Are you planning on joining the netball team in...

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  • Sample Question
    Whats a skill used in netball?

See if you are a good netball player? do you know the rules? are you a good sport?

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  • Sample Question
    How far away do you stand when your oppenent has the ball? (pro game)

Take a quiz and see how good you are in netball

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    How many meters away can you stand when your opponent is catching a ball?

A brief multiple choice quiz.  4 possible answers for each question.  Select only one answer each time.

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  • Sample Question
    How is the game of netball started?

How much have you been listening?

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  • Sample Question
    What is the netball court divided into?

Netball Questions & Answers

How long are you allowed to hold the ball for?
You are only allowed to hold the ball for up to 3 seconds, so you could hold the ball for 2.9 seconds and not be penalised, but you can't hold it for 3.
What is WA (Wing Attack) permitted playing area?
The center and attacking thirds but not the shooting center
How far away do you stand when your oppenent has the ball?
The answer is not 0.9.The answer is 3 meters