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Do the WWE wrestlers really fight?
The wrestlers that perform on stage are trained for years. They have gone through a lot of training to know the proper way to execute certain movements to make them seem believable. Even if they try to minimize the pain that they can give to each
Who is the biggest superstar ever of WWE?
It will be difficult to pinpoint who exactly is the biggest star of the WWE mainly because it depends on their fans. It should also be pointed out that some superstars are usually popular at one point in their career then booed the next before being
What is the eligibilty criteria to be a WWE superstar?
You may be interested in joining the WWE but you are not sure what the requirements are. These are some of the things that you need to know: You need to have years of experience in doing wrestling before joining the WWE. 3-5 years of wrestling will b
What do you understand by WrestleMania?
Wrestlemania is known to be the main event of all types of wrestling. You will find a lot of matches here and there that you can watch from television but the Wrestlemania is the main thing. This is where you will see your dream matches. This is wher