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What is the percentage of federal excise tax placed on sporting arms, ammunition, and archery equipment?
The tax bill authorizes an 11% federal excise tax on sporting arms, ammunition, and archery equipment. Each time a hunter purchases one of these items, the retail price includes the federal excise tax. The federal excise tax is a tax on certain thing
What is your answer in the given-below case? Your hunting partner spots this ram in the southern rockies (region 4) during the general open season for full curl bighorn rams, and asks you...
NoWhile this ram may very well be legal, because you do not have a direct side view it is impossible to be certain. Therefore, you should err on the side of caution and not shoot.
What license must you have to buy a firer arm?
This is incorrect. Here in AZ no such thing as a firearm license exist. You have to have a valid drivers license, be a US citizen, 18 years old for long gun, 21 years old for handgun and have no prior felonies. Those are the requirements to purchase