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Which of the following are correct statements regarding Digoxin (Lanoxin)?
1. Digoxin is the drug of choice to improve myocardial contractility2. ALWAYS check dose with another Registered Nurse before administration
How would the nurse explain, to the parents of a 5-year-old with a VSD, as to why a cardiac cath has been scheduled?
Identify the specific location of the defectA cardiac catheterization will identify the exact location of the VSD as well as assess pulmonary pressures.
Which nursing action is most important if a child is in the pediatric intensive care unit immediately after cardiac surgery?
Assess the airway.Surprise!!!! Child will return from surgery with ET tube and nurse should check for bilateral breath sounds to evaluate tube placement. Just a thought. What would we do if two of the choices were 1.) assess airway & 2.) perfor
What for the nurse is aware that a common physiologic adaptation of children with tetralogy of Fallot?
1. Clubbing of fingersHypoxia leads to poor peripheral circulation; clubbing occurs as a result of additional capillary development and tissue hypertrophy of the fingertips.