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Since the dawn of time, men have been competing about who has the biggest ax, sword, car or muscles. Girls have been competing on who's prettier, has better kids or a richer husband. However one thing is certain, we all have a need to compete.

And so that's where these quizzes come can compete with others on how much you know about competitions! Everything from bowling tournaments, horse races, beauty pageants and fencing competitions will be asked and answered in these quizzes until only one remains...the victor.

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  • Volleyball was invented in

  • There can be more than 1 libero

  • Who can get kicked out of a game?

  • Which of the following elements is found under the My Workplace tab in the Applications section?
    Contest question from

  • If you get married, which section of the Employee Resources tab will contain pertinent information?
    Contest question from

  • What happens when you click on the IA INTRANET logo in the upper left-hand corner of the interface?
    Contest question from

  • how was your time management? did you finish on the deadline?

  • Quality of Work:

  • Focus on the task: