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  • What part of speech describes a person or place?
    What part of speech describes a person or place?
    The simplest way to explain the definition of a noun is “a person, place, or thing”. When used in speech, a noun is a large part of open speech, and is the subject of a clause, the object of a verb or the object of a preposition. A pioneer is generally referred to as a person who is among the first to explore an area. Since the term generally refers to a person, that makes the definition a noun. Although the word “pioneer” commonly means a person first exploring a new country or piece of land, it can also be used in reference to someone who has explored new areas of technology, art or other fields.

  • Who was the first ever successful Canadian music artist?
    Who was the first ever successful Canadian music artist?
    It is believed that Bryan Adams is one of the first most successful Canadian musicians. Bryan Adams is also a songwriter, record producer, guitarist and activist. He rose to fame in Canada, United States and the rest of the world after the release of his 1983 album “Cuts like a Knife” and his 1984 album “Reckless”. In 1991, Bryan released an album “Waking up Neighbours” which had one of the most popular tracks Bryan is known for “(Everything I Do) I Do It for you”. The song became a global hit and was the number 1 song in many countries. Bryan has also received many awards for his contribution to the music industry.

  • Which of these is NOT a texture of watercolour paper?
    Which of these is NOT a texture of watercolour paper?
    Smooth-the texture of the paper determines how a painting will turn out. hot-pressed paper gives a more even colour and more accurate lines and details, but can be too slippery, and the paint sometimes runs out of control. rough paper gives a more interesting texture and is easier to paint on. cold-pressed paper has qualities between those of hot-pressed and rough paper. hot-pressed paper is smooth, eliminating the need for a paper called smooth. cold-pressed paper is also called not (meaning not hot-pressed) in britain.

  • How did Herb Trimpe die?
    How did Herb Trimpe die?
    Born Herbert William Trimpe on May 26, 1939 in Peekskill, New York, he was best known as Herb Trimpe, the one who drew the Hulk and the one who was described as the father of Wolverine – who first appeared in Hulk 180. He died on April 13, 2015 at the age of 75 due to a heart attack while he was out jogging. He had no history of illness, which was why his family and fans were shocked to hear the news. Glen Baisley, his cousin, stated that “I wanted to share some very sad news with everyone. Monday night, Herb passed away.” Before his death, he had been planning to make a documentary about his career, but it was no longer going to come true.

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