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Sculpture is three-dimensional art. Traditionally, there are two main methods or obtaining a sculpture: by carving a material such as wood or stone, or by modelling forms by adding pieces of material such as clay.

Nowadays, modern artists have explored new materials and techniques. They depend upon the materials used. When carving stone or wood, the sculptor chips away with a hammer and chisel. When sculpting clay, artists may use their hands. Clay models may be cast in bronze to create a strong, permanent sculpture.

Other techniques include welding metal, moulding plastic or concrete, and using fibreglass. But, “Why do artists chose to create sculptures?”, “What is the world’s most famous sculpture?”, “What is aniconism?”, and “What kind of artists use glass to create sculptures?”. These are the type of questions you are going to find in these quizzes.

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Sculpture Questions and Answers

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  • "Portrait of a Roman" is a life-size marble sculture. It reflects the realisim of Roman sculture. Who made this piece?
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  • Which adjective best describes Picasso's painting?

  • Which adjective best describes Kandinsky's painting?

  • Which of the following facts about his work of art is reflected in the term form?

  • A three-dimensional artwork that is meant to be viewed from all sides is classified as a......
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  • The american artist we discussed that created both stabile and mobile sculptures is....
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  • Also a geometry term, a flat surface in space is referred to as a.....
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