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From paper crafts to wooden ones, the art of crafting things using various materials is a skill that many creative people aim to master. Take our online craft quizzes and get an insight into the world of handmade crafts.

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    True or False: You can create your own personalized Paper Pumpkin link. 

Standard grade credit craft and design

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A truss is a framework, which typically consists of rafters, posts and struts, which are built to support such structures as bridges and roofs. Can you identify the different types of trusses in this quiz?

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Test your knowledge of canvas, panels, sizes and primers. Learn more about the materials you use every day!

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    In canvas, how are "warp" and "weft" yarns aligned?

Take this quiz and find out what kind of craft you'll like doing the best!

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    It's your mom's b day tomorrow, and you need to get something quick! What do you do?

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Craft Questions & Answers

What kind of stamps are included in Paper Pumpkin kits? 
A photopolymer is a large molecule that can alter when things happen. Some of these things include having light. Photopolymers help enamels and varnishes. Photopolymers are also used by dentists and doctors. They can also be seen by in fine printing,
Which gallery activities include a craft where children get to take home their creation?
It is important for children to make arts and crafts and be able to take home and be proud of their masterpiece. When children make crafts, they are using their general and fine motor skills. Some of these crafts could be made from different material
Which activity requires children to race against the clock and quickly sort items?
Recycle relay is a game that parents will get their kids to do in order to really get a job done. However, it will also give the children something constructive to do. This activity requires getting the tub of paper, plastic and metal recyclable mate
Where do we recommend you display your home décor items?
Home décor items include paintings, sculptures, and figurines to name a few. You would take these things and place them in parts of your house and office. Paintings need to be hung on the wall whereas figurines and sculptures can be placed on