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Have you ever wondered how billboard ads are made? Do you ever think to yourself "I could do a better job for the cover of that magazine?" or "Why did they use that font for that cereal box?" Well, then these quizzes are for you!

These questions have been designed to test your mind, with questions about Photoshop, CorelDraw and Microsoft Paint! There's even a few bonus ones about the bamboo digital tablet, and CAD software...See if you're the new guru of design, or if you should stick to doodling!

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  • Accuracy of drilled pilot hole is important, as it should be slightly __________ than tap. Allows to create indentation so bolt fits properly. Too small bolt won't fit, too big won't create thread grooves
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  • Turn the taper back each half turn to allow any chips cut from tapering to go up the flute of the tunnel so chips aren't stuck down taper hole 
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  • FILING TECHNIQUE: Place plastic in bench vice, use __(1)___ with cross filing action. To reduce scratch marks left by ___(1)____, use ___(2)____ with cross filing action. With __(3)____  change to draw filing action. Use ___(4)____ to remove final scratch marks . Polish edge with appropriate polishing compound with buffing wheel or gas torch in order to flame polish
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  • What is rhythm?

  • What is regular rhythm?

  • What is alternating rhythm?

  • What is balance?

  • What affects visual weight?

  • What can an imbalance create?

  • Another term is Harmony. Can exist with either representational imagery or abstract forms. Occurs when all of the elements of a piece combine to make a balanced, harmonious, complete whole
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  • What is proximity?
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  • What is repetition?
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