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Mmm, do you smell that? And it looks delicious also. Wonder what it tastes like. Let’s see... tastes like a new challenge from the quiz oven. It’s culinary arts time and you’re in for some great treats. Have a look at some of the entrees we got cooking for you.

Where could one find the HRC Culinary Academy in Europe? What’s the role of a food stylist? What is “Le Cordon Bleu”? What’s the highest number of Michelin stars a restaurant is able to obtain? Where is the famous chef Gordon Ramsay from? How many seasons are there in the US version of MasterChef? How do you like your serving of hot, delicious questions? Ready for the main course? We’ll be serving dessert also, so save some room for that as well.

Everybody loves food, but do you think you know enough about it to be able to land a job in the field? Take the following quiz and we’ll find out if your knowledge of food goes beyond what tastes good and what doesn’t...

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     What was Cotton Candy originally called?

Questions: 54  |  Attempts: 554   |  Last updated: Jan 13, 2017
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    Two or more people who interect to achieve a common goal is called a

Culinary Arts

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    Sauteed meats should be turned rather frequently during the cooking process to ensure even cooking.

Manners in a restaurant and their use

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    True or FalseA brigade is a group of workers assigned to a specific set of tasks.

Intro to Culinary Arts Education

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    Restaurant managers earn between:

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Culinary Art Questions & Answers

Which direction should pan handles be turned while cooking on the stove?
Many cooks have experienced mishaps like a pot or pan turning over while it was cooking on the stove. The reason may be that their elbow or other body part hit the pan causing it to turn over. Even though the handle on a pan is very useful because it
What do you call an ingredient prominent to many Indian dishes?
CurryCurry originated in India, and is used to flavor food across Asia.
When you add white wine to the bottom of a pan that has brown bits, what is that technique called?
1. DeglazingNever throw out that stuff on the bottom. When meat browns it creates many new flavors, known as the Maillard reaction. It has tons of flavor that you could make a lovely sauce with.