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Cheetahs are a part of a big cat family. They can’t climb trees but can run faster than any animal on the planet. To learn more interesting facts, try our online cheetah quizzes, having tons of interesting questions.

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    The Cheetah is the ___________ land animal in the world.

Hey all you Cheetahs out their come take this quiz to see if you know your stuff or need to watch the movies again. So come on take the quiz it's Cheetah.

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    Where do the Cheetah Girls go in Cheetah Girls 2? 

King Cheetah is a variation of the normal Cheetahs. Unlike the regular cheetahs, king Cheetah possess a fur marked with a different spot from that of the regular cheetah. Its stripes are also darker and extends from the neck to...

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    What is the binomial name of the Cheetah? 

The cheetah is known to be the fastest animal. It is of the cat species and is regarded as a wild animal. Cheetahs are usually found in arid habitats and are mostly dangerous. What is the extent of your knowledge on cheetahs?...

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    What is the subfamily of the cheetahs?

The cheetah is generally  known to be  the fastest mammal on the planet. It belongs to the family of cat which include domestic cats, lions, and leopards. Cheetahs are usually found in arid lands, dry forests and...

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    Which of these is not a reason for the decline in the number of cheetahs? 

Cheetah Questions & Answers

How much does the average adult male cheetah weigh?
An adult, male cheetah usually weighs about 83 – 145 pounds. They are known to be of the same weight with adult, male leopards. One issue about cheetahs now is how there are only a little more than 7000 cheetahs that are alive. They survive in
Are cheetahs the easiest big cat to tame?
Yes. That is true. Cheetahs are very calm animals. They might seem like intimidating cats with their large teeth, a deadly stare, and that awesome sprinting speed but there are sides to cheetahs you do not know about. Cheetahs have been traditionall
How many teeth does an adult cheetah have?
Cheetahs have a total of 30 teeth as an adult. They have small teeth for a cat of their size, but this is because of how they have evolved. They are built for heavy breathing, with large nostrils. These smaller teeth, however, still do the job they w
Why are cheetahs in captivity raised with dogs?
When animals are born, they need guidance. Usually, these animals are raised by their mothers or fathers. Gorillas carry their babies on their backs and kangaroos carry their joeys in their pouches. After months or even years, the babies are all grow