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It comes out of nowhere, just a golden-black blur. One minute the gazelle is standing there, happily grazing, the next, it's on the ground, dead. What on earth could move that fast? You know? Of course you do. It's nature's version of Usain Bolt...the cheetah!

Weighing in at 100 pounds, this slim feline likes to blindside its prey at speeds in excess of 65 miles per hour. But is that all you know? Can you answer these quizzes on nature's fastest land animal?

How many cubs does a mother cheetah have? How long can a cheetah run for? What is the average hunting range of a male and/or female cheetah? Get ready to blaze through these quizzes as you spot the right answers and turn tail from the wrong ones!

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  • The Cheetah is the ___________ land animal in the world.

  • A cheetah  can have up to 15 cubs in a  litter.

  • Cheetahs are the most _____________________________________ big cat.

  • Where do the Cheetah Girls go in Cheetah Girls 2? 
    Cheetah question from

  • What did Jackal Johnson want to turn the Cheetah Girls into? 
    Cheetah question from

  • Who writes the songs for the Cheetah Girls? 
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  • 1. Do you break the rules?

  • 2. A Little toddler is hurt you...

  • 3. You are stuck on a desert island with no food you are desprate. Suddenly you see a big flock of badgers, (unlikly i kno but play with me) Do you...

  • What is Cheetah's favorite color?

  • Which one does Cheetah own PERSONALLY?

  • The name of Cheetah's (previous) Splatoon team was called....