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Touted as one of the most successful animals on the planet, arthropods have been living on land, air and sea for ages.Take the ultimate online arthropod quizzes to learn more about them.
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    Which of the following is not a type of arthropod?

Arthropods are invertebrate animals that have an exoskeleton, a segmented body and paired jointed appendages. Did you know that certain Human personality traits match those of certain Anthropod animals (such as scorpions and...

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    If you were about to be eaten alive would you:

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    Which one of these is found in the Mollusca category?

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    How many kingdoms are there?

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    Arthropods are vertebrates.

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Arthropod Questions & Answers

What classes are included in the Cheliceriformes?
There are 4 classes of cheliceriformes: Eurypterids, Merostomata, Pycnogonida, and Arachnida. Eurypterids are a class of water scorpions. However, they are all extinct. They used to be found in freshwater bodies of water and were predators in their
What are the characteristics of an arthropod?
Arthropods are a member of a diverse group of animals such as insects, scorpions, spiders, crustaceans, and centipedes. Arthropods have 5 distinguishable characteristics that set them apart from other animals; Exoskeletons, segmented bodies, jointed
What is a mandibulate?
A mandibulate is an arthropod with a jaw. The name “mandibulata” literally means “mandibles” or “jaws”. This is a characteristic that defines all members of this arthropod group. All arthropods fall into one of two
What is a chelicerate?
A Chelicerate is an arthropod that that has no distinct head region. Some of the most well-known Chelicerates are sea spiders, arachnids, and horseshoe crabs. Chelicerates all originated as marine animals, most likely during the Cambrian period. Fos
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