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Phylum Annelida: The Segmented Worms. Zoology Lab.

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    The phylum Annelida is made up of .....

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    Tick all characteristics of the phylum Annelida:

Annelids are all bilaterally symmetrical animals. They range in size from much less than 1 mm in length to more than 3 m. The smallest annelids described to date would appear to be reaching only a few hundred microns in...

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    Annelids are worms with non-segmented bodies

Annelida is a broad phylum of animals which exclusively has segmented worms. This group of organisms exist in different species and has up to 22,000 members. Just like other class of animals or plants, Annelids have certain...

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    Which of these is not an annelid? 

Of the Animal kingdom, the phylum annelid consists of over 9000 species of worm-like creatures. Annelids are invertebrate animals with their body divided into segments. Annelids are studied in biology and several science subjects...

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    What is the body cavity of an annelid called?

Annelid Questions & Answers

What is an annelid? Explain. Include its phylum, classifications and some examples.
Annelius means"little rings" becoz they have metamerically segmented bodies .They shows bilateral symmetry. They are triplobastic(having three germ layers). They are the first true coelomates having true coelom(body cavity).Annelidsbelongs