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  • What is an annelid? Explain. Include its phylum, classifications and some examples.
    What is an annelid? Explain. Include its phylum, classifications and some examples.
    Annelius means"little rings" becoz they have metamerically segmented bodies .They shows bilateral symmetry. They are triplobastic(having three germ layers). They are the first true coelomates having true coelom(body cavity).Annelidsbelongs to "Kingdom Animalia" and "Phlum Annelida".They are classified into 3 main classes that is: 1. Polychaeta 2. Oligochaeta 3. Hirudinea Examples are: 1. Neries. 2. Earthworm (pheretima posthuma). 3. Leech (huridinaria medicinallis).

  • How do aquatic annelids often breathe through?
    How do aquatic annelids often breathe through?

  • How many classes are in the phyla Annelida?
    How many classes are in the phyla Annelida?

  • What is an example of an Annelid?
    What is an example of an Annelid?

  • Which internal system relates to the epidermis?
    Which internal system relates to the epidermis?

  • Who first founded the annelid?
    Who first founded the annelid?

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