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A+ Certification Practice Test Software

ProProfs A+ Certification Practice Software is a dynamic practice test engine that helps you prepare for the real A+ certification test. This easy-to-use learning tool for the A+ cert comes with the following features:

  • "Learning mode" allows you take unlimited time, and have access not only to the answers but also to the explanations that help you strengthen your weak areas identified in your post test report. Use practice questions to drill and practice with all exam objectives. This A+ Certification Practice Software comes with over 80 questions that are complete with detailed explanations and tips and represent a close sample of what you might see on the exam.
  • "Certification mode" simulates real-world conditions of an in a timed environment, just like the real A+ certification test.
  • Use the full communication and teaching power of the computer to create an extremely realistic A+ certification practice test simulator, so when you know that you're totally ready.
  • If your score is too low, the software provides detailed analysis of the weak areas (hardware or OS) and can easily provide feedback to you about focusing completely on the areas where you need further study.
  • Let you print out help messages, explanations, screen shots, etc., and study them in hard copy- easier on your eyes.
  • Presents the full range of A+ certification test formats-including not just straight Q&A but actual timed mini tests that strengthen your familiarity with the underlying technical concepts through detailed tips and explanations. Get a feel of the pressures of real timed exam using our product!
  • Additional Flash Cards format helps you get a quick revision and to drill in the important concepts.
  • Monitor and record your progress using Score History.

View screenshots of the software

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