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Saving Money With CompTIA A+ Vouchers

By ProProfs CompTia A+ School

The vendor neutral CompTIA A+ exam is one of the few certifications that require passing two exams in order to get certified. The exams needed to be cleared for obtaining this certification are:

A+ Essentials
One of (A+ 220-602) or (A+ 220-603) or (A+ 220-604)

While the cost of these exams varies between countries, typically each of these exams cost approximately USD $163 each. That's $326 total to take 2 exams and become certified. To know the precise cost of the exam in your country, visit the official CompTIA A+ Exam Pricing page.

Before you sit for the exam, make sure that you are prepared well enough to pass the first time. The full exam fee is charged for each re-take so an exam re-take would have financial implications.

While the exam is expensive at $163 each, this is the maximum cost charged to a non-member. A good understanding of various discount options can help to considerably lower the fee.

CompTIA provides discount to corporate members. Members get a discounted price that is typically $120 (or lower). If you are required to take the exam by a corporate employer, ensure that you check with the company regarding the eligibility of corporate membership discount.

Discount options are also available to individual non-member exam takers through coupons known as "vouchers". Vouchers are a convenient way to pre-pay for the exam at a discounted price. While vouchers can provide a significant cost saving, it is important to have a good understanding about vouchers and how they work. Given below are some essential facts that you should know:

  • Vouchers for A+ exam need to be purchased and are rarely ever available for free.

  • The A+ exam may be given either at a Pearson VUE center or a Thompson Prometric center. Each organization has it's own vouchers that can not be redeemed at the other organization. Since the exam price is same at sites of both companies, most students prefer to give the exam at the test center closest to their place.

  • Typical saving through a voucher can be 10%-45% of the exam price. With a recent change in CompTIA's policy typical saving by vouchers is now expected to be around $20.

  • All A+ vouchers are pre-paid and not purchased at the test site at the time of exam.

  • Much like coupons, vouchers expire and cannot be extended beyond expiration date. Be sure to check the expiry date of the voucher before making a purchase. In general, the closer the expiry date on the voucher, the larger is the discount offered. These high discount vouchers are sometimes also described as "early expiry vouchers" or "short term vouchers". You MUST register for the exam before the expiry of the voucher to get the discount.

  • Vouchers may have limited geographical applicability such as some may be valid only at US and Canadian testing centers whereas others maybe valid internationally.

  • Refund or exchange is typically not permitted, so be sure when you make the purchase.

  • As per CompTIA requirement vouchers are sold by vendors bundled with study products such as study guides etc

  • You can get vouchers either as a electronic copy delivered via email or as a hard copy (delivered via snail mail).
To find out deals on A+ vouchers, check the offers and deal section of ProProfs A+ Discussion Forum. Also check the Comptia store for any deals that they may have. All in all, Comptia A+ exam is expensive but is well worth money even at full price. The large number of benefits raning from increased career opportunities to direct salary raise, make passing the A+ exam a smart investment in both time and money!
ProProfs A+ Certification Exam School ProProfs CompTIA A+ Certification Exam School provides free online study aids for the A+ exam such as study guides, practice exams and practice questions. Its free online Comptia A+ learning center is located at: : Educational FREEway By Professionals & Professors!
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